butterflies being releasedIs therapy right for you?

If you feel anxious, tired, listless, sad, and not able to go on with the daily tasks of living, you may be depressed. A skilled therapist’s evaluation could be the first step in your journey toward health. I enjoy helping individuals and relationships shine a light on their difficulties and suggest changes to create and sustain the highest quality of life.

Do you feel your life could be more fulfilling, calmer and happier?

Transitions come in various forms. They're an integral part of our lives. From time to time, most people who face difficulties can benefit from a guiding hand to sort through and clarify important needs and desires. I can help you work through the challenges in your life.

Is your relationship in jeopardy?

I can help both partners sort through the pain of estrangement or request for divorce when indifference, infidelity, or other stresses surface. Couples can rebuild trust using specific reconnection skills, improving communication and healing sexual dysfunction with my help.

Are you caring for a sick, elderly or handicapped loved one?

Care-giving is stressful and time consuming. Often, judgment is impaired by lack of sleep and burn-out. I can bring training, referral sources, and life experience to your concerns, as well as help with support, stress management techniques, and self care strategies.

You used to feel self confident and in charge? What happened?

Are you a woman in mid-life wondering how to negotiate the emotional minefield of major life changing events such as divorce, parents or a spouse passing, and children leaving home? I can help you develop new road maps to find a new zest for life, making your second half-century as good or better than the first.